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Sharwil Avocado

New Hawaiian Avocado

A Hawaiian avocado that’s previously been banned from being exported to the mainland may soon be available! The Sharwil avocado is described as tasting “nutty and herbal.”  I hope it makes it to San Diego for a test taste! Give Your Guacamole Hawaiian Flavor Move over, Hass. An outlaw avocado from Hawaii, the Sharwil, is […]

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Hacienda Sotol


I’ve been reading more and more about agave liquors from Mexico, other than tequila. One, of course, is Mezcal, which most people only know as the “cheap tequila with the worm”. My Dad loves to brag that back in the day he was always the one to eat the worm! But mezcal has come a […]

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Murrieta’s Margaritas

When people come to visit us, we usually end up taking them to a local Mexican restaurant nearby for really good food and tasty margaritas. They have a pretty big menu, and the food is always fresh and authentic. Thinking of those who have visited and dined with us!  

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Habanero Orange Marmalade with Chiltepin Peppers

Orange Marmalade with Habanero and Chiltepin Peppers

I’m a glutton for punishment! 😜 Another batch of orange marmalade done, this time with habaneros and chiltepin peppers. Spicy! Used Alton Brown’s recipe for marmalade, added some kosher salt, 6 habaneros and 6 chiltepin peppers. I had never heard of chiltepin peppers before a friend brought me some from Mexico. They’re considered the “mother […]

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