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Racking Galaxy Blonde Ale

Racking the Galaxy Blonde

Racked the Galaxy Blonde today! Tastes great, very tropical. Notes of pineapple and green papaya, subtle bitter finish. About 4.5% ABV, so a nice summery, drinkable beer. Got a full 10 gallons into the kegs, carbonating tomorrow! Cold crashing made it very clear. 1.010 final gravity Dry hopping with more Galaxy hops in two weeks should […]

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Hibiscus Kettle Sour

Beer Tasting at Belching Beaver

The Viva la Beaver is amazingly smooth with a velvety chocolate taste, a little sweet … the Hibiscus Kettle Sour with rose hips and chamomile is a nice light and bright with very little sour to it

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Galaxy Blonde Brewing

Galaxy Blonde Ale

This is a single hop blonde ale. After doing some research on flavor profiles, I chose Galaxy hops, because I wanted a passion fruit, tropical finish to the beer. This is a dry hopped recipe, so more hops will be added after about 2 weeks in the fermenter. I’m usually the person taking pictures during […]

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Home Brew and Barbeque

Brewing and ‘cuing today! I’ve had a brisket on since 9:20a, and it’s coming along nicely. Starting a 16 gal brew (net 10 gal) of a galaxy hopped blonde ale. Should be a citrusy/passionfruit flavor profile. Having something on the smoker while brewing gives me a lot of satisfaction, because both are long processes, but […]

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