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Chicken Meatballs

Chicken Meatballs with Fregola Sarda and Kale

Another Blue Apron meal, Chicken Meatballs with Fregola Sarda and Kale with Sicilian tomato sauce.  I like how this turned out, even though I didn’t expect to really like chicken meatballs. The texture came out great, and they weren’t dry at all. The tomato sauce was terrific, and I really love the little can that it […]

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Seared Chicken with Hash

Seared Chicken with Pan Sauce and Hash

Trying another Blue Apron meal, tonight is seared chicken with pan sauce and a potato, apple, onion and kale hash. I do like how you get everything together, and just have to prep and cook the meal. It makes dinner very easy on nights when you’re tired from work! After eating it, we decided that […]

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Crispy Barramundi

Crispy Barramundi with Melted Leeks and Roasted Vegetables

Another Blue Apron meal. This time it’s Crispy Barramundi with melted leeks and roasted vegetables.  I haven’t made barramundi before, so I was excited when this was on the menu selection for this box. I’ve been a fan of leeks for years, so the melted leeks were an additional incentive to pick this recipe. This was […]

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Sunchoke Kale Casserole

Sunchoke Kale Casserole with Mornay Sauce

Another Blue Apron night. Sunchoke Kale Casserole with Mornay Sauce The servings so far have been bigger than expected. This casserole was easily 3 servings, same with the chicken enchiladas. I liked the cheese in the casserole, and honestly didn’t miss having meat in the dish. There are a lot of kale dishes in the […]

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