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Corned Salmon

Corned Beef Cured Salmon

I found this recipe on Andrew Zimmern’s website, and since I had just recently purchased a new pickling spice pack, this looked like an interesting use of it. I don’t usually get pickling spice with dill in it, but the pack I found was highly recommended, so I ordered it. I could potentially just use […]

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Alton Brown Cured Smoked Salmon

Smoked Surf and Turf

Scrubbed down the MAK, and getting ready to smoke some St. Louis style ribs and Alton Brown cured salmon! We’ve been testing timing and heat for the ribs, to get the perfect pull off the bone texture, while not overcooking it, or losing the bark. Some people do the 3-2-1 method of timing, but I […]

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Habanero Orange Marmalade with Chiltepin Peppers

Orange Marmalade with Habanero and Chiltepin Peppers

I’m a glutton for punishment! 😜 Another batch of orange marmalade done, this time with habaneros and chiltepin peppers. Spicy! Used Alton Brown’s recipe for marmalade, added some kosher salt, 6 habaneros and 6 chiltepin peppers. I had never heard of chiltepin peppers before a friend brought me some from Mexico. They’re considered the “mother […]

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