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Breakfast Republic Merchandise

Breakfast Republic

Liberty Public Market has a lot of great shops and restaurants, and I like to try something new if it isn’t entirely swamped busy. (Which on weekends, is usually the case!) We decided to endure the wait at Breakfast Republic and try them out, since they have had great reviews. We weren’t disappointed.  Although we […]

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Murrieta’s Margaritas

When people come to visit us, we usually end up taking them to a local Mexican restaurant nearby for really good food and tasty margaritas. They have a pretty big menu, and the food is always fresh and authentic. Thinking of those who have visited and dined with us!  

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Hibiscus Kettle Sour

Beer Tasting at Belching Beaver

The Viva la Beaver is amazingly smooth with a velvety chocolate taste, a little sweet … the Hibiscus Kettle Sour with rose hips and chamomile is a nice light and bright with very little sour to it

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Bubba's Smokehouse

Bubba’s Smokehouse BBQ

I love barbeque and I’m always looking for another good place to go get some when I don’t have the time to make it myself. (I’ve become a bit of a bbq snob since getting my MAK smoker a few years ago, I admit it!) This is a new BBQ joint that just opened in […]

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Santa Barbara Spot Prawns

Back to Liberty Public Market

I can’t get enough of this place! I love the variety of shops, and the crowds were less oppressive this visit than last time. We ate a late lunch at Stone Brewery nearby and then browsed the shops.I stopped in at Baker & Olive and picked up some alderwood smoked salt and an olive mix. […]

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Cucina Enoteca

Dinner in Little Italy

We decided to go out and visit a local beer shop to pick up some new things to try. Walking through Little Italy, we decided to stop and have dinner at Davanti Enoteca. Love this place! The patio seating was great for people watching, and the menu always delivers.

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Baby Artichokes

Liberty Public Market

Spent the afternoon at Liberty Public Market and browsed the stalls. I love the variety that they have here, so much fresh produce and meats, fish, cheese, salami and more. Balanced with ready to eat food, a raw bar, restaurants, a florist and so much more! Though the parking can be tough in some areas […]

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Coronado Brewing Company

Beer Tasting at Coronado Brewing Company

Beer Tasting and dinner at Coronado Brewing Company in Coronado, CA. Had a great time tasting all of the different types of beer, and the desserts were enormous!

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The famous (and infamous) Mai Tai!

Bali Hai’s Mai Tai

So the company Christmas Party and my birthday landed on the same day this year, and we found ourselves celebrating at the Bali Hai restaurant in Shelter Island. One of the restaurant’s claim to fame is their (very strong) Mai Tai that is proud to make the claim that it “CONTAINS NO JUICE” … Their […]

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Chipotle Wingman

Chipotle’s Got My Back (er Teeth)

Right on Chipotle, thanks for the reminder!

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