Corned Beef Cured Salmon

I found this recipe on Andrew Zimmern’s website, and since I had just recently purchased a new pickling spice pack, this looked like an interesting use of it. I don’t usually get pickling spice with dill in it, but the pack I found was highly recommended, so I ordered it. I could potentially just use that pack of spices instead of mixing another set for this type of cure.

The whiskey is also an interesting aspect to this cure, and got me wondering what other flavor profiles I could add if I substituted Scotch instead. I got peat logs to cold smoke salmon over peat, so having a peaty aspect in the cure might give a double shot of flavor. 

Alton Brown’s salmon cure is very similar ratios, but without the added spices, and I’ve had tremendous success with that in a cold smoke on the MAK. I’ve been thinking of adding in more layers of flavor in the next smoke, so this could be a winner.


Corned Beef-Cured Atlantic Salmon

Swap out the traditional corned beef and cabbage for this salmon, cured with fresh dill, parsley, lemon zest, pickling spice and Irish whiskey.


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