The Steak Ager

I’d need to get a second refrigerator to try this out, but it’s oh so tempting! I’ve seen videos on chefs doing incredibly long aged meats in similar setups. 

The America’s Test Kitchen faux dry aged beef is about as close as I’ve gotten to something like this. This being actual dry aging though, the breakdown of the proteins and the additional flavors you’d get from that would be considerably different. 


Can The SteakAger Bring Dry-Aged Beef To Your Kitchen?

Cuts of dry-aged beef are the crown jewel of traditional steakhouse menus, easily costing $65 or more each. The meat is rich in flavor and buttery in texture, and when compared to unaged beef, noticeably deeper in color and fat marbling. It’s a carnivore’s luxury, but one usually restricted to high-end restaurants and butcher shops.


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