Breakfast Republic

Bloody Mary

Bloody Mary

Liberty Public Market has a lot of great shops and restaurants, and I like to try something new if it isn’t entirely swamped busy. (Which on weekends, is usually the case!) We decided to endure the wait at Breakfast Republic and try them out, since they have had great reviews. We weren’t disappointed. 

Although we were seated at a rickety little patio sized table (it wasn’t much bigger than a pizza box) in the center of the traffic, near the bar, the food was worth it.

We started with brunch drinks, I usually like to try the house special Bloody Mary. Glenn got cold brewed coffee with coffee ice cubes “Cocky – 12 hour cold brew highly caffeinated extraction, served over coffee ice cubes” That was enough to convince us that we needed to look into both making cold brewed coffee and coffee ice cubes. Incredibly smooth!

They also make a Jurassic Pork bacon that sounded like it would be amazing, but underwhelmed a little. The description is “5 thick cut bacon marinated and baked with paprika & brown sugar” But it was more like average sliced bacon in breakfast syrup. I’m thinking of making some at home with thick cut applewood smoked bacon now.


Breakfast Republic Merchandise

Cute Merchandise


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