Chicken Colombo

A cousin of mine recently made a recipe that used chayote in it, and she asked if I’d done much cooking with it. I haven’t, and I was intrigued. I know what chayote is, but haven’t really come across recipes for using it. Surprisingly, the email from Wine Enthusiast that day was for Chicken Colombo, which uses chayote! Kismet!

As someone who likes making seasonings, the Colombo powder sounded really interesting as well! A new take on curry powder. 


Chicken Colombo (French West Indies) | Wine Enthusiast Magazine

Despite Parisian touches on the gorgeous islands of Guadeloupe, Martinique, St. Martin and St. Barths, the cuisine here skews more Amerindian, African and South Asian. Colombo can be made with meat, fish or chicken. While you can sometimes find ­”Colombo powder” in Caribbean markets stateside, any curry powder works well when combined with the other ingredients.

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