Hacienda Sotol

Hacienda Sotol

I’ve been reading more and more about agave liquors from Mexico, other than tequila. One, of course, is Mezcal, which most people only know as the “cheap tequila with the worm”. My Dad loves to brag that back in the day he was always the one to eat the worm! But mezcal has come a long way, and so have other liquors. Sotol is an agave liquor similar to tequila. 

Tequila, like Champagne, is a label restricted to specifically produced liquor from blue agave in Jalisco, Mexico. Other “tequilas” can be made from the same process and materials, but if they’re not in the reqion, they’re not technically tequila.

Sotol is made from agave, but not farmed blue agave plants. They’re wild harvested agave, and usually from the Chihuahua region of Mexico. While tequila is usually aged in bourbon barrels, sotol is aged in cognac barrels. So the wood and residual flavors will inform the liquor differently.

I picked up a bottle of Hacienda sotol while on a trip to Tucson, Arizona. I hadn’t been able to find it in San Diego. I’m really excited to try it in some cocktails, and some recommendations are to drink it solo, and appreciate the pure spirit.


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