Mumm Cordon Rouge

Mumm Cordon Rouge

Mumm Cordon Rouge

I’ve tried so many champagnes and sparkling wines over the years, and I keep coming back to my favorite, Mumm Cordon Rouge. 

I prefer using prosecco or cava for making sparkling cocktails, as they’re usually a little sweeter and lighter. But for sipping bubbly, I love the creamy mouthfeel and dryness of Cordon Rouge. As a Brut champagne, it has very little sugar added when bottled. 

If you like drier champagnes, do give it a try. I’ve had other, more expensive bottles, and keep coming back to it!

I even went wine tasting at the Mumm winery in Napa, Ca, and tried their California grown and caved sparkling wines. While they definitely represented the Mumm label well, I still find myself leaning towards the French produced Cordon Rouge.

So after a full work day, I’m relaxing and enjoying some, it can be New Year’s for another day, right? 


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