About Pavlov’s

Pavlov’s Lab & Bakery is a project that I’ve been working on for a while. As a self-taught gourmet chef, I love to learn about food and techniques, and love to share those with others. I hope you enjoy, and I hope you will contribute as well!

Family Traditions

There are some recipes that will instantly transport you home. Recipes and memories made with your family and friends. I’ve picked these recipes to share with you, to let you into my family. I’d be honored if you’d share yours with me.

Vintage Recipes & Cookbooks

I have a collection of cookbooks that dates back over 100 years. I’ve also collected individual recipes dating back centuries. It’s so interesting to see how foods were paired, dishes were cooked, and even the spelling of the ingredients!

Don’t Forget The Drinks!

I’ve been interested in mixology for a while, and have started to try various recipes that have spirits that I enjoy. I also like the idea of “mocktails” that people can choose for summer parties and that kids can have and feel like part of the party.

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